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November 1, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - November 3, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

Green Lake Pastors and Leaders’ Retreat 2016 (In English)

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As a Regional Team, we want to provide opportunities for you to gather with other Vineyard Pastors and Leaders to focus on ways that we can become healthier, better equipped for ministry, and more deeply focused on the kingdom work that Jesus has called you to. Over the years, Green Lake has become one of our favorite times to do that.

You are invited to join us this year at Green Lake Conference Center, November 1–3, 2016, as we learn from guest speaker, Jay Pathak. We will spend time worshipping, leaning into personal soul care, and cultivating relationship with one another. We welcome all Pastors and Leaders throughout the Midwest North Region, including our Spanish Speaking Pastors and Leaders.

Registration will be open by August 1, 2016 – October 17, 2016.

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About our Speaker: Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak

Jay is the Lead Pastor of the Mile High Vineyard (MHV). Prior to planting MHV in 2001, he served as a leader in the Columbus Vineyard’s young-adult ministry, Joshua House, and as an intern to the senior pastor, Rich Nathan, in Columbus, Ohio.

As the Lead Pastor of the MHV, Jay strategically guides the mission and vision of the church as a whole, is the main teaching pastor and provides oversight to each of our neighborhood churches. He has spoken nationally and internationally for Vineyard and other groups in both conference and classroom settings. In addition, he is a member of Vineyard USA’s Executive Team.

Committed to engaging and impacting those outside the church walls, Jay created the Engage video series with Carl Medearis – a seven-week course designed to create space to discuss the person and teachings of Jesus in an non-threatening environment  – and co-wrote the book, The Art of Neighboring, with Dave Runyon. This unique and challenging book asks the question: “What is the most loving thing I can do for the people who live right next door?”

Jay has a BA in Philosophy from The Ohio State University and is a graduate of the Vineyard Leadership Institute. He and his wife, Danielle, were married in 1998 and have two daughters, Jasmine and Sofia.

About Soul Care Options

This year we will be offering a slew of individual soul care appointments and large group break out sessions through out the day on Wednesday. When you go to register, you will be prompted to sign up for an individual soul care appointment. You will be free to attend the large group break out sessions as your schedule allows.

Individual Soul Care Descriptions

Wise Sage Advise
Pastors who have been in ministry for decades are highly respected for their longevity. Through their years of service, they have gleaned wisdom that only comes by living through it all. If you are at a cross-roads in your ministry and having trouble deciding which road to take, or you’d like to talk to a seasoned Vineyard Leader, you may find Wise Sage advice to be incredibly helpful on your journey.

Coaching is the process of coming alongside someone to help them get clarity and confidence in addressing life’s challenges. Coaching is not about telling people what to do, but is more about listening well and asking insightful questions. In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, coaching can help a person or team sort out where they are, identify obstacles, set goals for the future, discover where God wants them to go, and then help determine how to best get them there. If you are trained and released as a Coach, please consider serving other leaders by being on our team this year at Green Lake’s retreat.

Spiritual Direction 
In spiritual direction, you reflect on your life experiences. You will begin to recognize God’s presence in your life, and you will discover how God has been at work, seeking you out, drawing you to Himself. Within an atmosphere of prayerful conversation, you will become more aware of what is happening in yourself and the ways you have cooperated or resisted God’s grace and love. If you are trained and released as a Spiritual Director, please consider serving other leaders by being on our team this year at Green Lake’s retreat.

Immanuel Prayer
Through Immanuel Prayer you will have the opportunity to seek Jesus’ presence for emotional and spiritual healing. During your session, you will be guided and encouraged to connect with Jesus on a deep and intimate level. Softening your heart to hear how he wants to meet and heal you. If you are trained in Immanuel Prayer, please consider serving other leaders by being on our team this year at Green Lake’s retreat.

Prophetic Sketching
During your prophetic prayer appointment the person praying for you will invite the Holy Spirit to come and give them a picture for you. As they sketch the picture they receive, they will continue to ask God what the picture means. Then they will pray with you about what was sketched and what the Holy Spirit was saying. You may take the sketch with you at the end of your appointment. If you are trained in prophetic art, please consider serving other leaders by being on our team this year at Green Lake’s retreat.

Healing Massage
Trained professional massage therapists from across the Region are coming to give chair massages at Green Lake. This was the most popular soul care session last year, and these appointment slots filled in a matter of minutes. If you are a trained massage therapist, please consider serving other leaders by being on our team this year at Green Lake’s retreat.

Prophetic Prayer
Prophetically gifted leaders will pray over those who sign up for a prophetic prayer appointment this year. If you are gifted prophetically, and have been trained and released in prayer ministry, please consider serving other leaders by being on our team this year at Green Lake’s retreat.

Large Group Break Out Session Descriptions

Throughout the day on Wednesday, there will be large group breakout sessions offered that you will be able to drop in to attend as your schedule allows. The schedule of the workshops will be listed in your conference workbook given at the time of arrival in Green Lake.

Silent Prayer Room Self Lead (All Day)
A Silent Prayer Room will be open all day for your drop-in use. Several contemplative examen’s will be available with a traditional quiet, comfortable, and relaxed space for your personal prayer and reflection. Come and spend as much time as you need to connect, listen, and experience God’s heart for you.

BUTI Yoga for Women with Aubrey Amborn (Morning)
‘Buti’ is an Indian Marathi word that means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret within.”
As women many of us have lived hiding or feeling the need to hide our beauty, our strength, our confidence and our power.  BUTI yoga allows us to let all that out.  Through motion, breath, strength and endurance we will push ourselves but also achieve great things.  A traditional BUTI class is a high energy infused cardio session mixed with Plyometric, tribal dance,  power yoga and vinyasa style flow.  Mixing all of these different techniques helps work every single part of your body while motion having fun and pressing into and challenging yourself.   For Buti flow we will take small amounts of each technique but remove the high intense cardio portion.   We will still work up a sweat through very focused and intentional movement but without the plyometric and cardio dancing.
Bring a yoga mat, bring a water bottle and bring an open mind.  We are women and will move as women.  As we do we will free all the amazing things we typically bundle up inside.

Church Planting with Michael Gatlin and Christy Wimber (Morning and Afternoon)
Both Michael and Christy have extensive experience in the Vineyard, in church planting and in multiplying churches. Don’t miss this workshop with these two marginally brilliant leaders who are looking forward to hanging out, answering questions, and praying with you.

La Viñas that Thrive with Homero Garcia (Afternoon)
If you serve in a La Vinã or would like to connect with those serving in La Viñas, join us for this time of envisioning what God is doing right here in our region and beyond. Perhaps you are considering hosting a La Viña in your current church’s meeting place to give them a home in your local area. We can talk about working together!

The Vineyard Loves its Youth with Jason Patrick (Morning)
Do you love Vineyard Youth and serve them? We are hoping to meet and connect with you. We also know of loads of resources available and the nuts and bolts of ministry that will encourage and equip you as you raise up this generation of passionate Jesus followers. Our region wants to build relationship among the practitioners who are in the trenches day to day with them.

The Main & The Plain with Mike Turrigiano (Afternoon)
There are so many things in ministry that we can do and focus on that its easy to loose sight of our heritage and calling as Vineyard churches. Come along with other seasoned leaders to sharpen your focus and resolve how to keep your foot on the pedal of the main and the plain. Get caught up again in the very things that initially captured our hearts for our Vineyard family. This is one of those area’s we can’t get to much of or ever stop growing deeper in.

Meeting God in Nature with Casey LaCore (Afternoon)
We happen to be in a very naturally beautiful environment at Green Lake at a beautiful time of the year. Take some time while you are here to slow down and connect with God through his creation. Start out as a group for a short time and then head out on your own to contemplate and reflect on what God wants to say to you through nature.

Meeting God in Consolation & Desolation with Mike Munson (Morning and Afternoon)
In Spiritual formation, we learn how God can be found in both consolation and desolation. Each has a way of offering something that can shape and mold us into the person God wants us to be. The key is learning how to not miss the God activity around us in these unique seasons of life and ministry. Our time will include some examen and reflections to benefit our understanding of how the Spirit of God uses Consolation and Desolation for his purposes.

Leaning Toward God’s Voice as a Leader with Brenda Gatlin (Morning and Afternoon)
Often the fast pace of ministry life keeps us from being able to discern or hear God’s heart for the very people we are trying to serve. The time it takes to listen can’t be found and besides that there are those pesky fears and inadequacies that keep us from taking risks and saying ‘Yes, Lord’. Examen and reflection time will be included to help us discern roadblocks and obstacles that stand in our way as leaders and what Jesus plans to do about them.

A Contemplative Reflective Rhythm in Life with Janice Ornquist (Afternoon)
Certain things can help us develop spiritual rhythms to put ourselves in a context where personal transformation can take place. Learn how to lead yourself into spaces and places of self-awareness and develop the courage to meet God on his terms. Determine to be the kind of leader who really does let God have his way in your life–both personally and in ministry calling.


Please note, you will be signing up for your individual soul care appointment through Registration. Each person in your room will need to submit their own registration.

The costs including lodging, meals, and conference materials are as follows:

Single Occupancy:     $240.00
Double Occupancy:   $165.00
Triple Occupancy:      $150.00

Registration will be open by August 1, 2016 – October 17, 2016.

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Tuesday, November 1

1:00 pm Registration and Check In

3:00 pm Worship, Welcome, and Main Session I

5:00 – 6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Main Session II

Wednesday, November 2

7:30 – 8:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Soul Care Appointments and Break Out Sessions

12:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Soul Care Appointments and Break Out Sessions

5:00 – 6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Main Session III

Thursday, November 3

7:30 – 8:30 am Breakfast

8:30 am Room Check Out

9:00 am Main Session IV

12:00 pm Depart (Lunch is on your own)


November 1, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
November 3, 2016 @ 12:00 pm