Carelessly Passionate 2014

Careless. Reckless. We’ve all been there. Regardless if it was launching your bike off the dock, your first run at mascara or when you discovered that Dr. Who was now on netflix…Careless. Reckless. To engage without thought of consequences. To respond to the opportunity in front of you regardless of what others might think. It’s interesting that many people looked at Jesus and thought these same things. That the people he willingly chose to spend time with, eat dinner with, laugh with, share life with were those on the margins of society. The big wigs of the time were shocked and wondered how someone who claimed to be so great could love so carelessly by sharing life with the broken.

What if we could be the same? What if took the words and works of Jesus to heart and began to Love God with absolutely every fiber of our existence and recklessly put the needs and best interests of others before our own?

Carelessly Passionate, Midwest Regional Youth Retreat, is all about experiencing God’s radical love for us in such a way that it transforms, empowers us to love the people around us in a deep, purposeful way.

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